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Master Spécialisé Master of Business Administration (MBA) à E.H.T.P de Casablanca

Master Spécialisé Master of Business Administration (MBA) à l’Ecole Hassania des Travaux Publics de Casablanca

Objectifs de la formation

The program objectives are as follow:

  • To prepare students for successful and productive careers as business professionals in industry and government;
  • To prepare students to have the knowledge and skills to adapt to a dynamic multidisciplinary business environment;
  • To improve leadership, interpersonal communication, critical thinking and team-building skills.

Débouchés et  retombées de la formation

The program outcomes will be:

  • Develop business competencies necessary to design and implement strategies to improve overall organization results;
  • Gain competencies in problem analysis/resolution, team management, performance management, communication and interpersonal skills, and project management;
  • Provide students with the intangible skills necessary to succeed in today's complex and ever-changing business environment;
  • Gain an international perspective of today's global marketplace ;
  • Develop an understanding of ethical practices and a sense of accountability ;
  • Produce graduates who will be prepared to advance into top managerial positions in marketing, finance, accounting, and other departments in both the private and the public sectors of the economy ;
  • The program will offer the best combination of a small intimate learning environment and cutting-edge classes taught by an internationally and nationally respected faculty in collaboration with Indiana State University and other institution.

Modalités d’admission

Conditions d’accès

The admission requirements for the MBA Executive program will include the following:

  • Candidates hold a Bachelor's degree "Licence" (Economic science, Management science or Laureate from higher college) or its equivalent from a public, preferably achieving a 14/20 or higher ;
  • TOEFL examination score of 550 or equivalent;
  • At least two years of work experience.
  • Etude du dossier (Record study and examination :

Procédures de sélection

The selection is based on the following criteria: mentions, number of semester’s years of study, grades of the principal subject, training course in enterprise and the age of the candidate.

A commission will assume the responsibility of the selection.

  • Contrôle écrit (written test)
  • Entretien :

The selected candidates will take a written test.

The selected candidates will pass an oral interview in front of a commission composed by Faculty and professionals intervening in MBA Executive.

The purpose of the interview is to evaluate knowledge of the matter candidate Business Administration, to appreciate its personal motivations and its aptitude to control the tools of analysis and reasoning in Business Administration.

Conditions d’obtention du diplôme (MBA) Executive (Conditions for obtaining MBA Executive Degree):

  • Students must successfully complete all the course requirements, as well as other academic activities that are assigned to their specialized study plan ;
  • For graduation purposes, the student's cumulative GPA must be 3.0 (12/20) or above;
  • Submission of GMAT prior to graduation.
  • Contact

    Adresse : Km 7, Route d’El Jadida, BP 8108 Oasis-Casablanca

    Tél : 05 20 42 05 15

    Fax : 05 20 42 05 10 – 05 22 23 07 17

    Site Web: www.ehtp.ac.ma